April Weekend Update

>> Saturday, April 01, 2006

We're keeping busy mostly doing the family thAng. Leia surprised me the other day by knowing some words I wasn't aware of - grandma asked her in Russian what a fish does, and Leilani replied with the kissing-fish motion - so cute! And she knows "crocodile" too - although grandma apparently got her to do the hand-motions modeling jaws opening and closing, Leia gave a good, gravelly "roar/hiss" in response. They learn so quickly, don't they?? Oh, and she already knows how to turn the TV & DVD player on. Not that it's very hard to push a button of course, but she knows which buttons to press. Give her a little bit and she'll be teaching mom & dad how to use the 8-10 various remote controls around the house. She's now currently smitten with the Muppets, Stitch (as in Lilo and...), and Bob from Veggie Tales. It's hard to keep her away from the cartoons, but the best answer is to distract her by playing with her. I came across a couple of sweet blog entries I think should be shared, so I'll leave off with them: http://jon.zaadz.com/blog/2006/3/how_to_have_a_36_hour_day -- great stuff here, read & re-read it. and http://wiki.ehow.com/Drink-More-Water-Everyday (the title is self-explanatory, and this is something we should all just remind ourselves of, every day) and to combat the healthiness of that LAST blog... http://thekurths.com/2006/03/roll-your-own-frappuccinos.html .37 / bottle? Coffee Shops REALLY make a lot of money off of the consumer. God bless & Talk to you soon ~~


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