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>> Wednesday, April 07, 2010

This is the second time someone's tried to upload a virus through the system I have (had) going here (previously a combo of DotNetNuke + Blogger), so I'm disabling it and reverting to just Blogger. Not a big loss, but it'd be nice if people out there wouldn't go hunting for innocent sites to hack.

Here's a collection of stuff from the DotNetNuke pages, for posterity:

Thumbnails of my UT99 maps:

Thumbnails of my UT2004 maps:

The Vehicle Index.

The files you find here are for UT2004 and they MAY or MAY NOT work. Winkyboy no longer has time to test them all, as he's barely found time to even index them any more. But most of them work, and some of those that do are really worth downloading. Winkyboy would like to convert HIS creations to UT3, but currently hopes to find time to implement a much grander-scale vision that is currently beyond his abilities.


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