Tech: RememberTheMilk, Twitter, and Google Calendar

>> Tuesday, April 22, 2008

They make it pretty easy to integrate, I think.  Browse the site (sign up, of course), and then on the homepage there click both the Google Calendar button and the Twitter button, and follow each of their instructions.  When it's all done, you can just IM your Twitterbot something like "Lunch with Julie at 8pm Apr 30" – it'll set up an appointment in itself, and then sync up with Google Calendar.  You can ALSO add their widget to your iGoogle homepage or Google Desktop, if you feel like.


Tech: Mobile phone thoughts

>> Wednesday, April 02, 2008

(reposted from my response on Cathartic Tome )

One of the first things I install on any PDA phone is some kind of app (for WM5, I use "Magic Button") that turns the "X" button into an actual CLOSE application button - so I pretty much never have any apps running in the background.  Since Windows CE, I always thought that was a bad idea.

There are some quirks in WM, but I still like it a whole lot - primarily because there's SO much good-quality freeware and regular apps for it.  I've got a (now "old") T-Mobile MDA (2?) and it's still the best danged phone I've ever had.  Incidentally, WM7 will not be a vast upgrade as I hear tell, but WM8 is going to be a complete rewrite of the software, so expect to finally see WM in a form that is everyone-friendly, not just nerd-friendly, in a few years.

I just bought the wife a new, low-end phone from Target.  Some cheap Nokia thing but it dials and has a speakerphone so it'll do.  Her old phone's battery is completely dead, which is why we got the new one.  It's sad and very Brave-New-World-ish that her new phone uses the exact same battery as the old phone and while the battery can be purchased online for $40, the new phone can be had for $30.


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