UT2004: SeaPack v007 is available

>> Friday, May 15, 2009

Being the most forgetful developer ever, I have failed to get around to posting this for, oh, a month or so. Someone popped up in Meebo the other day and chatted with me about it, which got me to finish compiling the zip file and upload it. I never got to finish the discussion with him, and I hope he comes back to see that I realized I left ONE file out of the batch. Sorry about that! But, the zip was updated and is now available to everyone for downloading. This was tested on a rather-fresh installation of UT2004. Grab it from ModDB

Basically, this updates most of the maps by adding in my very own vehicle, the SeaBass. Essentially it's not a WHOLE lot different than what's already available to the SeaPack, but in a different shape. Kinda like how 8-bit games add enemies by changing them from red to blue, y'know? OH yes and also: My completely-underwated Onslaught map, ONS-DeepSix, is in here. It's freaking huge and took me a REALLY, REALLY long time to create so I hope someone out there enjoys it. If you do, please please PLEASE tell me because it's about all the reward I'll get for putting so much time into it. It's a bit too big for my usual crowd of LAN players to get into (they don't play Onslaught much and we don't even get together that often anymore), so ... well, here's hoping it's well-received.



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