Health: Food, Inc.

>> Monday, April 27, 2009

I went to see Food, Inc. last night was really good, informative, and upsetting (of course) all at the same time.  The showing was sold out and the audience applauded at the end. This is a movie that everyone - EVERYONE - should watch and learn from. 

The moral is that it REALLY matters whether you buy local and organic foods or not.  Our LIVES are being destroyed so that we can collectively buy food at a slightly cheaper price.  It's a vicious circle from which the only way out is to grit your teeth and buy the slightly-more-expensive groceries.   STOP buying processed foods. They are laded with chemicals and preservatives that, while they make the food cheap, they also lead to poor health.They destroy our environment.  Think you're green?  Not if you buy a hamburger. 

Whatever we do — no matter how tight our pocket books — we must not support these operations with our food dollars. - Food Renegade.


Politics: Miss California, Perez Hilton, and free speech

>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mass media has given rise to "supported hate" speech, which follows free speech around like a guard dog, and it picks the sensational stories to empower its positions.  The internet, through social media channels, enables relatively anonymous groups to also become political bullies, further agitating the free speech landscape by making it appear - at least to themselves - like the issue lies more in their court than it may really be.  With such a climate, people should better apparently keep their opinions to themselves if they have any kind of gain to be had from the public.

So, Miss California supports traditional marriage.  Right.  What we need to be doing here is chastening those who demonize their opponents, as in this case Perez Hilton has done.  He asked her a politically-motivated, self-serving, and redundant question to which she responded with nervousness and honesty as she failed to actually answer.  But in reviewing this situation, we should not forget that Americans do not have, and never have had, the right to not be offended. Instead of slewing epithets toward Miss California, Hilton should simply say, "well, that's her opinion."  He could have responded by saying, "Y'know, when you're not used to being in the spotlight answering politically loaded questions, it's probably understandable that she reverted back to her personal opinions about the subject at hand."  He could just say he disagrees with her. But then, that's not what he gets paid to do, and he is comfortable being loud and grabbing attention while she is not.

Yes, the answer Perez gave in his video response immediately after the show is the proper answer to his question.  It's the only acceptable answer to his question, if you think about it - which he obviously had, of course.  But to laugh at her and call her a stupid B---- because of her answer is not the right thing to do.  Free speech must reign, Hilton needs to grow up, and we all need to be more understanding and forgiving.


Bible: 1 Cor 1:18 ... the Bible is foolish...

>> Tuesday, April 21, 2009

... to those who can't understand it. You can see this all the time on pages such as the Atheist subreddit. They absolutely love to pick the Bible apart, piece by piece - never questioning once that what they're reading might not even be a proper translation... never questioning what they THINK they know about the Bible. But to those who earnestly open their heart to understanding, it will be given to them.

Link: 1:18&from=gadget

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