TV: Heroes "Cold Snap" next day reaction

>> Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spoilers, if you have watched it --

Let's see... What the crap happened to Sylar being in the Hunter's apartment?  I was expecting to see something come of that.  And how did Doyle wind up there, gift-wrapped?  Are these two issues related, and if so, how the heck did the two find each other again?  Last we knew, Rebel was looking out for Doyle who just wanted to get out of the game.  Frustrating plot discrepancy, I say.

Secondly, how in the world did Peter find Angela?  Seriously, was he just following her around all day or something?  Tracing her cellphone?  Okay MAYBE Rebel pointed him to her... we'll give 'em that.

In general, I really liked this episode.  Daphne dies.  Okay, sad, but still poignantly good. not pointless like Elle.  Matt needed to stop fixating on her (oh and I totally knew his flying was a mind game).  Shows need to be able to kill off good guys AND bad guys for it to be in the ballpark of the believeable realm.

Micah is rebel, after all.  Lots of speculation going on about this... and I personally don't really like it.  He's able to know far too much for someone who can just control computers.  He's been able to see things and react to them much more than someone with such a talent should.  But oh well.  It'll be good to finally have him in a more active role.  Of course, who knows, they might just go back to having him be a bunch of text messages.  Personally, I still think it would have been MUCH better if Rebel were Hannah - the airwaves gal back from season one who became a computer "virus".  Yeah, they "killed her off" in the graphic novels, but IMHO they didn't; she should have been backed up and restored right along with all the other data in the computers that blew up.  Anyway, back to the episode.

Tracy, dead?  No, of course not.  I knew that even before she froze herself, because I read that the actress, Ali Larter, won't be leaving the show any time soon.  Plus the wink gives it away.

OH.  Ando's power now zaps as well?  Okay, maybe it always did that... maybe they just felt sorry for him.  They certainly could have been taking better advantage of his power.

Allrighty.  Back at it.  P.S. the graphic novel this week was a big advertisement for Nissan's cube, whatever the crap that is.


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