So apparently I lost a lot of my last-recent UT99/UT2004 work

>> Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I got tired of the website looking so cruddy, when I went reminiscing through my old Unreal Tournament -related posts, so I fixed 'em all up with proper images and download links... where I could.  As it turns out, I guess I LOST the last, most-updated versions of my work!  The stuff that I didn't explicitly post on one of the longer-lasting mod sites (Mapraider... Moddb... etc), well, at least some of it is gone.  I had a plain DeathMatch version of GraveyardHills and OldManMountain that I know I can't find any more.  Most of my TO:Crossfire maps are questionably not the most-recent versions.  It seems I lost my OBJ-BrokenFaith remake entirely - I don't even have a working early version of it.  But thankfully there is a version of OBJ-Crackhouse that is still around, and looks pretty final!  Whew.  That's probably one of my most important treasures.

Anyway, the site now has links at the top-right here to ALL my files.  And as I sort through my mess of CD backups (no, I've already scoured them for these that I know are missing), I'll post my favorite stuff up there as well.

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