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>> Tuesday, March 05, 2013

This is an Android app that I use daily; Gleeo Time Tracker which fairly obviously is used for tracking time worked on jobs/projects/etc.  The interface is at first a little awkward, but is really great once you get used to it.  Other users of the app seem to feel the same, saying that it's nearly perfect but could use a few tweakings like the addition of pie charts or fewer taps to get to the reporting.  I'm fine with the current status of those particular features, but what I would like to see is buttons that are just slightly larger so that I don't accidentally tap on things I don't intend to.  I'm speaking about the buttons at the outer edges of the screens. It's not a big deal, though.

The features are discovered bit by bit as you use it more; quick categorization of the tasks on different projects is great.  Custom colors are very nice, although perhaps there could be greater contrast in them. I love the flexible exporting feature and use that a lot. Actually, you could easily create your own pie charts by doing that, come to think of it.

Does any one use other time reporting software that should be noted?  I'll take a look if so!


Unknown 8:57 AM  

Hi! Yes, I do. I use TimeCamp. It has clear and easy interface and is very simple.

Robert 3:46 AM  

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Unknown 12:11 AM  

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tike mik 4:57 AM  

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