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>> Friday, March 20, 2015

When I was growing up, there were a very few educational programs, and even then it was hard to justify the dollars spent. Of course, I wasn't the one spending money at that time, either, so what do I know?  Only that the educational apps I had access to were pretty much: Type Attack! annnd... well, I'm sure there must have been others.  I know there was Mavis Bacon Teaches Typing, but we never had that one.  I suppose the Oregon Trail counts as some kind of educational entry, but that's really pushing the limit.

Nowadays, kids are blessed with apps aplenty, and just as watching shows can be done anywhere, at any time, these are mobile and online, or social and offline, or any combination thereof. I'm glad my kids are growing up with such blessings.

I'll start posting new articles about various apps that I love - and that my kids love - for teaching them language, math, reading, and all sorts of skills.  My wife and I have children that cover a range of ages, so there's a lot to cover!

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